When was the last time that you really felt like yourself?

blue ginkgo leaf

  • Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and in despair?
  • Does your inner critic run your life?
  • Are you struggling to recover from trauma or unwanted change?
  • Do you feel lonely in your relationship?
  • Do you want healthier relationships and feel more connected to loved ones?

I can help! Healing is within reach.
We all have, within us, the capacity for health, growth and personal development.

I have specialized training in Somatic Experiencing and other body-centered approaches, in order to assess where you physically and emotionally might be “stuck” in the fight, flight or freeze responses. This is how our nervous system automatically responds to danger. For example, if you experienced a painful or stressful situation, did you want to fight back, run away or take flight, or feel stuck, numb or frozen? Getting unstuck through our work together will be a gentle and supportive process allowing you to regenerate, reconnect and re-balance, so that you can come home to the fullest and most creative expression of who you truly are.

Integrative counseling opens us to our whole being
by integrating body, mind & spirit.

rockWhy work with the body?

During our time together, I will focus our attention to your whole being, which includes not only your mind, when your create meaning from the stories of your life, but also your body, where you sense and feel, as well. We carry our entire history along with the present moment within the body, which offers fewer distractions than our mind. When the focus is on your internal experience or “felt sense” you can tap into your authentic self, which has always been there.



People come to me seeking relief from a variety of challenges including overwhelming or unending sadness, anxiety, loss, a stressful or traumatic event or difficulty with an important relationship. Ultimately people come to find out how to feel happy, whole, competent, capable, loving and loved. Together we figure out how to get you there.



Relationship and Couples Counseling

Couples come seeking help when they feel discouraged and in despair—often when they are certain their relationship is over or damaged beyond repair. Others come because they are so frustrated as they find themselves in constant conflict, often over trivial matters, or they feel chronically disconnected and isolated. Whatever the reason, I can help.


As the wonderful poet Mary Oliver writes in The Journey:
“One day you finally knew what you had to do and began…”