“We get together on the basis of our similarities; we grow on the basis of our differences”  — Virginia Satir

Couples have particular needs that differ from individuals in therapy.

You each bring your individual and collective experiences, your dreams and hurts along with the history of your relationship. The dynamic of your relationship has been co-created and it is based on these hopes and fears and patterns of defending.

I can help shift painful dynamics.

I can help you to recognize and then shift these painful dynamics and learn ways to move into mutuality and loving connection. Based on your needs, I will re-create experiences similar to those that are troubling your relationship and help you to work through them in real time during the session.

Change how you act and react within relationships.

One or both of you may find yourself unsure of what you want in terms of your relationship. Sometimes the goal may be to become clear about next steps. Regardless, understanding the patterns of how you act and react within relationships will be immensely helpful going forward.

I also draw on my experience of leading relationship and couples workshops at The Haven Institute. Through this work, I have assembled a toolkit to help you untangle and deepen your relationship.