I believe in learning through experience, because I believe that growth involves experimenting with trying and doing, rather than only thinking, understanding and planning.

“What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?”  — David Whyte

Problems grow from the fracturing of our mind, body and spirit.

The challenge is to integrate them into our whole being. Then we experience transformation. In therapy we can collect and integrate your experiences into a cohesive whole and create a foundation from which to live a more joyful and creative life.

Beginning Therapy

It takes courage to seek out a therapist and embark on the path of healing. It takes dedication to oneself and knowing within yourself that there are other ways of being in the world. Therapy can be challenging, so finding a therapist who is a good fit is important.

Therapy is a shared journey

My intention is to provide to you a space and relationship that will enable you to discover within yourself the capacity to use our relationship for your growth and personal development.

Psychologist Carl Roger’s
Five Characteristics of a
Fully Functioning Person

  • Being open to experience

  • Existential living (being in touch with the here and now)

  • Having an internal compass

  • Creativity (becoming generative, creative thinking, and risk taking)

  • Fulfilled life (a willingness to continue to grow)

My training focuses on the whole you.

I offer compassionate guidance, helping you to connect to the wisdom and creativity of your deeper self. I have specialized training in family systems and family of origin exploration, body-centered practices, including Somatic Experiencing, Lifespan Integration, gestalt, and expressive arts. Read more about my training >